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PostedDevice NameModelRegionPDA VersionOSVersionBuild DateChangelistLinks
218d 1h 49m 45s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3DRH1Android7.002.08.201811855991
255d 23h 28m 5s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3DRG1Android7.005.07.201811855991
293d 0h 6m 42s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3DRD1Android7.006.04.201811855991
623d 0h 58m 22s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU3DQG2Android7.013.07.201711855991
650d 3h 33m 56s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3DQF1Android7.005.06.201710809541
678d 23h 7m 17s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3DQE1Android7.008.05.201710809541
731d 22h 18m 25s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU3DQC5Android7.013.03.201710809541
770d 20h 26m 16s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3BQB1Android6.
795d 15h 38m 19s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3BQA1Android6.
817d 7h 8m 56s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3BPL1Android6.
859d 14h 53m 14s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3BPK1Android6.
896d 0h 32m 29s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS3BPJ2Android6.
907d 23h 15m 1s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU2BPH9Android6.
993d 23h 15m 40s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU2BPG1Android6.
1090d 20h 36m 34s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS2BPD1Android6.
1125d 18h 40m 47s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU2BPC3Android6.
1226d 3h 8m 27s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPS2AOK3Android5.
1295d 4h 34m 12s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU2AOI6Android5.
1339d 14h 40m 23s agoGalaxy Note 5 (Sprint USA)SM-N920PSPRN920PVPU1AOGDAndroid5.