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PostedDevice NameModelRegionPDA VersionOSVersionBuild DateChangelistLinks
2d 13h 5m 43s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FZVVG935FXXU3ERICAndroid8.
3d 14h 14m 20s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FPCTG935FXXU3ERICAndroid8.
3d 16h 5m 16s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FCHLG935FXXS3ERJCAndroid8.
4d 11h 19m 45s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FZTRG935FXXU3ERHCAndroid8.
4d 12h 48m 34s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FDBTG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
4d 12h 56m 23s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935F3IEG935FXXS3ERJ4Android8.
4d 13h 22m 27s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FEURG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
4d 16h 15m 13s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FTMMG935FXXU3ERICAndroid8.
4d 16h 20m 4s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FCTPG935FXXU3ERICAndroid8.
4d 20h 20m 36s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FOROG935FXXS3ERJ8Android8.
5d 5h 42m 4s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FITVG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
5d 12h 26m 10s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FOPVG935FXXS3ERJ8Android8.
5d 14h 28m 36s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FOPSG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
5d 18h 18m 37s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FTGUG935FXXU3ERICAndroid8.
6d 15h 12m 31s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FVAUG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
7d 10h 27m 37s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FICEG935FXXU3ERHCAndroid8.
9d 9h 56m 23s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FXEFG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.
9d 12h 40m 5s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FEBEG935FXXU2ERH3Android8.
9d 17h 24m 36s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FCHOG935FXXS3ERJCAndroid8.
10d 13h 19m 44s agoGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FXSAG935FXXS3ERJ2Android8.