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PostedDevice NameModelRegionPDA VersionOSVersionBuild DateChangelistLinks
12h 33m 36s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FBRIA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
13h 17m 38s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FEVRA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
16h 30m 2s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FXSAA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
18h 25m 53s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FVAUA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
1d 19h 43m 36s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FTURA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
1d 20h 11m 16s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FMATA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
1d 20h 18m 17s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FAFGA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
1d 20h 24m 55s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FKSAA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
1d 20h 33m 58s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FMIDA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
1d 21h 32m 22s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FXFEA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 8h 23m 39s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530F3IEA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
2d 8h 30m 34s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FTUNA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 9h 2m 36s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FMWDA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 9h 17m 51s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FXSGA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 9h 35m 49s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FGLBA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
2d 9h 41m 7s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FCAMA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
2d 9h 46m 31s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FPAKA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 10h 8m 9s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FDREA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.
2d 10h 15m 35s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FTHRA530FXXS4BSB1Android8.
2d 10h 23m 17s agoGalaxy A8SM-A530FHUIA530FXXS4BSA8Android8.