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PostedDevice NameModelRegionPDA VersionOSVersionBuild DateChangelistLinks
69d 13h 13m 18s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100XEOI9100XXMS7Android4.
182d 19h 54m 11s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100FOPI9100XWMS3Android4.
183d 20h 21m 25s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100VODI9100XWMS2Android4.
216d 22h 30m 55s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100MOTI9100XWMS2Android4.
235d 17h 59m 40s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100MOBI9100XWLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 1m 59s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100EPLI9100XWLSSAndroid4.
235d 18h 2m 51s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100CPWI9100XWLSWAndroid4.
235d 18h 7m 6s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100COLI9100UHMS8Android4.
235d 18h 7m 11s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100TURI9100XWLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 7m 42s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100DBTI9100XWLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 8m 1s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100SMOI9100XWLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 9m 14s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100TGYI9100ZSMSAAndroid4.
235d 18h 15m 22s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100MOTI9100XWLSSAndroid4.
235d 18h 15m 26s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100XEZI9100XWLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 15m 34s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100TTTI9100UHMS8Android4.
235d 18h 15m 47s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100XFMI9100XWLSZAndroid4.
235d 18h 19m 23s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100XSEI9100DXLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 21m 39s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100COMI9100UHMS8Android4.
235d 18h 21m 47s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100XMEI9100DXLSDAndroid4.
235d 18h 21m 51s agoGalaxy S 2GT-I9100SFRI9100XWLSDAndroid4.